Kotlin Brand Usage Guidelines

One of the goals of The Kotlin Foundation is to protect the use of the Kotlin word and to make sure it is not misused. The following guidelines provide guidance on how to reference the Kotlin word trademark (“Trademark”) in an approved manner while ensuring the Trademark remains subject to protection under applicable laws around the world, and continues to serve as a source indicator for the Kotlin programming language and related offerings.

Any use of the Trademark other than those described in these Guidelines must be approved in advance. Please contact the Kotlin Foundation to request an express trademark license if you desire to use the Kotlin trademark, or a derivative of the Kotlin trademark, in a manner not permitted under these Guidelines. To submit a usage request, please contact us, clearly describing the intended usage and duration.

General Goals

We want the word Kotlin to refer to the Kotlin Programming Language, and we want to avoid it being used to refer to any other programming language, or used in any way that may imply that the language is not free nor open source.

Permitted Uses

Given the open nature of Kotlin, you may use the Trademark to refer to the Kotlin programming language. Examples of these references include the following:

  • Identify that your software is written in the Kotlin programming language
  • Is compatible with the Kotlin programming language
  • Targets the Kotlin programming language
  • Is for use with the Kotlin programming language
  • Contains the Kotlin programming language.
  • Aims to promote or teach the Kotlin programming language

The use must be referential and describe the relationship of your products or services to the Kotlin programming language.

Unpermitted Uses

The Trademark may never be used in a manner that would cause confusion as to JetBrains, Google, or the Kotlin Foundation’s sponsorship, affiliation, or endorsement, including as part of a company name, product name, domain name, or business trading name. Other than as allowed herein, the Kotlin word mark should not be combined with other trademarks, terms, or source identifiers.

Under no circumstances can you claim any trademark rights in the Kotlin name or attempt to register a name or source identifier that incorporates the Kotlin trademark or logo, or anything confusingly thereto, as a trademark, domain name, business name or other source identifier.

Usage Guidelines

Please follow these guidelines when referencing the Trademark:

  • The first or most prominent mention of the Kotlin trademark should be immediately followed by the TM symbol. For example "Kotlin™ …" This requirement is waived in all contexts where such marks are not normally included, such as non-marketing emails, online discussions, and academic papers. We encourage the use of the TM symbol whenever possible, but recognize that many non-commercial and informal uses will omit it.
  • Where identifying that a product or service is built on the Kotlin programming language or runs the Kotlin programming language, use the product’s own name followed by “in Kotlin™”, “for Kotlin™”, “compatible with Kotlin™”, “running Kotlin™” etc. Do not incorporate Kotlin into the product name.
  • User groups, communities and/or meet-ups should follow the naming convention "{XYZ} Kotlin User Group" where {XYZ} represents the location and optionally other wordings. These entities should also prominently disclaim any affiliation with or endorsement by The Kotlin Foundation.
  • Do not display the word Kotlin using any different stylization, color, or font from the surrounding text.
  • Don’t use the trademark as verb (“Kotlin your code”), or create derivatives of it such as “Kotlinize”, etc.
  • Do not use Kotlin in possessive form (i.e. Kotlin’s).
  • Do not use alternative spellings (e.g., “Ktln”).
  • In certain usage context, and at the discretion of the Trademark Subcommittee of The Kotlin Foundation, you may need to add a disclaimer on your site, publication, book, product, etc. where it clearly indicates that the product and/or service provided is not associated with The Kotlin Foundation.

Example Usages

User Groups and Kotlin meetups A valid name for a user group could be “San Diego Kotlin User Group” If you’re a user group or Kotlin meetup, please use the User Group assets provided.

Events If you’re organising a conference or educational event, you can use the word Kotlin to refer to the technology that the event covers. However, Kotlin cannot be contained in the brand name for your conference or educational event (such as KotlinConf or Kotlin Conference). Instead, you should use your own brand name, but indicate that it is a conference for “Kotlin Language Users.” Your conference or educational event title also should not cause any confusion or suggest any affiliation with or sponsorship by the Kotlin Foundation. Example of appropriate usages could be “XYZ Conference for Kotlin” with XYZ being your own brand name.

Other Commercial or non-commercial names Whether you’re referring to a product, company or service, you shouldn’t incorporate Kotlin as your brand name, i.e. your company cannot be called “Kotlin Consulting” or “Kotlin IDE”. It can however indicate that you provide consulting for the Kotlin programming language as part of the description. For example, XYZ Consulting, which focuses on the Kotlin programming language.