How can I contribute or provide feedback to Kotlin?

Kotlin is an open source project, and there are many ways you can contribute:

How can I get more involved with the Kotlin community?

There are many online and in-person Kotlin communities. Please visit the Kotlin community page to see a list of user groups, Kotlin nights and other ways that you can get involved!

How is the Kotlin Foundation governed?

The Foundation is governed by the Board of Directors, who then appoint a president, Lead Language Designer and members of the Language Committee. JetBrains and Google each delegate two directors to the board. The independent member is elected by the rest of the board.

Do JetBrains and Google contribute financially to the foundation?

Yes, to cover the operational and administrative expenses.

Does the foundation generate any revenue?

No, Kotlin Foundation is a non-profit entity whose operational costs are covered by JetBrains and Google.

Can I license the Kotlin trademark?

Yes. You are free to use the Kotlin trademark in accordance with our Kotlin Brand Usage Guidelines. Any use of the Trademark other than those described in the Guidelines must be approved in advance. If you need a specific license, please refer to the request form

How can a company or an individual join the foundation?

We are discussing possible ways for companies and individuals to participate, and will provide updates here in the future.

What resources should I follow to stay up-to-date on Kotlin?

The best way to stay up-to-date on Kotlin is to visit the official Kotlin website, and follow the official Kotlin blog.